What is a Widgeon and where do I get one?

My name is Widgeon Holland, and I am an entertainer from Austin, Tx.

I currently live in Lanzarote but I tour all over the world playing my original music.

You can contact me at [email protected]

You can also find out where I’m playing live here at the web-site on the Gigs page.

What kind of music do you play?


My music is based in Rock, Blues, Jazz and Funk but it isn’t limited to any of those categories.

I have an original sound that is hard to describe but easy to listen to.

In addition to my own music,

I sometimes perform music by The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top, Eric Johnson

and The Allman Brothers – to name a few.

The Passion of Texas Blues. The Energy of Rock. And Just a Little Bit FUNKY!

If you want to hear some of my music you can download it for FREE here!  

What makes your show different?

To start with – I’m not just a musician, I’m an entertainer. 

My show is not just another guy with a guitar.

Although I play with passion and sincerity, I also add humor to my music.

Though there is no “formula” or strict pattern to my shows,

I often throw in a few “cheap tricks” to keep it interesting for the audience.

This might mean coming off the stage to shake hands with people in the crowd –

while simultaneously continuing my guitar solo with one hand,

or playing behind my back,

behind my head,

with my teeth,

while slamming a whole pint of Guinness…

The focus is on the music but also on FUN!

For some photos of me in action and a more in-depth description of the show…


What does your web-site have to offer?

The web-site has FREE MUSIC!

The web-site has lots of PHOTOS!

The web-site has the latest NEWS from Widgeonland!

The web-site has a comprehensive list of GIGS and TOUR DATES!

The web-site has a BIO of who The Widge is and what he’s done!

The web-site has PRESS and REVIEWS from international newspapers and magazines!

The web-site has a GUEST BOOK where you can sign in and/or read what other Widgeon fans have to say!

The web-site has a CONTACT PAGE where you can send a message to The Widge – You WILL get a reply!

The web-site also has MUCH MORE!